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Twenty Tips for Men

Face Start using moisturizer every day to maintain healthy skin. Men and woman both get wrinkles, so there is noreason not to take care of aging skin. If you have those irritating bags under your [...]

Adopt A Pet

Before you groan and say, “Not another animal story – what about the suffering of kids and abused women?” Permit me to indulge in a little plagiarism and quote from a recent [...]

Aging & Sex Part 2

Tips for aging & sex Most men consider an active and satisfying sex life to be one of the most important parts of their lives. Yet many of them needlessly let their relationship waste [...]

Andre Godwin Walker

To a Rose André Godwin Walker was born on October 24th 1938, and was musically inclined from the tender age of 7 when his parents gave him a harmonica as a Christmas present. He was the lead [...]

Doris Zulaika Khan

Yoga begins at 60 At almost 90, Doris Zulaika Khan is active, bright, alert, full of smiles and loaded with good advice as she walks into TTARP’s office. One can only look and admire this [...]

Blessed Quietness Home

Nestled in the lush, middle to upper income neighborhood of Glencoe, lies a home which from the exterior would appear to be like any other. Two levels, neat, maintained well enough, gated and [...]

Hairs it for Clem Lue Yat

Mention his name and immediately one thing comes to mind – hair. His name is also a major fixture in the world of international beauty pageants, international beauty awards and hair [...]

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