Comments from the Board 2018

TTARP will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary on the 25th and 26th August 2018 at the Centre of Excellence.

The Executive Members are extremely proud of this feat and we applaud each and everyone one of you for this achievement, we could not have done it without you, especially in these challenging economic times.  A TTARP membership therefore is more than worth its weight in silver (silver Anniversary).

Our twin island Republic is never without incident and 2018 is no exception. For Carnival 2018 most of us feared and expected mayhem, thank God it came off without any major incident; however there were concerns with the Road March going to Machel Montano edging out Iwer George “Savannah”.

Thank God for Lyons Aaron “Voice” St. Louis, winning the International Soca Monarch for 2018 with   his beautiful song “Year for Love” giving us some hope.

Crime is spiralling out of control, people are living in fear and as a result reacting to most situations with anger and hostility. We, the Elders in this land are particularly vulnerable and we pray that each of you exercise caution in your daily activities. Be mindful of the crime, particularly when dealing with money transactions, home services and travelling, ensure someone is with you or aware of your routine.

The Lenten season came and the forty days flew by, surprisingly there were little complaints of scarcity and prices of fish. Maybe it’s because food prices are already so high and people have selected alternative options.

That said, we must try to extend our love, understanding and acceptance to the Youths of our Nation.  They are our Future. The Future of this Nation depends on us taking the challenge to mentor our Youths by volunteering some time to make that change.

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