Aging & Sex Part 2

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Tips for aging & sex

Most men consider an active and satisfying sex life to be one of the most important parts of their lives. Yet many of them needlessly let their relationship waste away because they don’t have their priorities straight. Great sex is the result of an excellent relationship, not the cause of it. Being a good lover is not a matter of having extra-large physical equipment, knowing the “correct” technique, or being able to last all night. It’s a matter of knowing, understanding and caring for your partner. To renew that bond, consider a few recommendations:

Tell her that you find her attractive. Many guys assume that one compliment is good for years. Think about it, though. Can you imagine being told too often that you look good? Do you feel sexier when you’ve been complimented on your physique?

Take your time

In the rush of every day life, sex too often doesn’t get time for warm-up. Try thinking of the entire day as foreplay. Be attentive and romantic at breakfast before you leave in the morning. Take her to lunch. Linger over conversation at dinner. Anticipation is at least half the fun. Accept the fact that your drives aren’t always in synch. People really do get headaches, and concern and caring (offer to fetch aspirin) is much more likely to get her feeling better (and interested) than being grumpy about it.

  • Try alternatives
  • Talk in bed
  • Go ahead, ask

If she doesn’t know what you like, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive it. Likewise, ask her what she prefers. Communication in bed can work wonders.

Be imaginative

Monotony is the death of good sex. This doesn’t necessarily involve gymnastics. Spontaneity, which can as simple as choosing different places and times, is what’s important. Above all, focus on you and your
partner’s pleasure, not measure. It’s not how big, how often, or how long. It’s how good you both feel. Sexual health and aging:

Keep the passion alive. Sexual health is important — at any age. Find out how aging can affect sexuality and what you can do to maintain a fulfilling sex life after 50.

Dr. Janice Swanson

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