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Reflexology is a scientific technique of applying pressure to reflexes which encourages the stimulation of the body’s self-healing properties. Its origin dates back several thousand years B.C. and its roots have been traced to countries such as Africa, China, Egypt, and India. Variations of ancient healing art are illustrated in ancient books and journals and are also evident in numerous pictographs over 2000 years old showing Egyptians working on feet and hands to promote good health.

The purpose of reflexology is to promote balance and normalization, reduce tension, revitalize, reactivate and heal the body, by bringing the whole system into harmony and its natural state of good health. The application of pressure on reflexes works by sending stimuli to various organs, glands, and nerves which impact the normal functioning of the whole system.

The entire body is reflected on the feet through a system of reflexes. The application of pressure to the reflex points promotes vital energy that runs vertically through the body (right foot corresponds to right side of the body and left foot to the left side). In essence, the body is controlled by what is equivalent to an electrical system, with many “on” and “off” switches. There are “main circuits” to every organ, gland and nerve, and these circuits have endings or pressure points, in your hands and feet, and other parts of your body. By massaging or working these pressure points, you not only stop pain, but you also send healing forces to all parts of the body by opening up closed “electrical lines” that have shut off the universal life force.

Tenderness at particular points, which are commonly found in the feet and hands, usually indicate congestion within the body. When the blood flow is slowed in any place by obstruction, that place or organ becomes sluggish, just as a pond becomes stagnant when running water no longer flows through it. When these lines are clogged malfunctioning glands and organs make you ill. Pain, discomfort, and many diseases anywhere in the body may be eliminated by working the reflexes in the corresponding zones of the feet. Through reflexology massage, you will be able to eliminate the causes and symptoms of sickness and pain from virtually every part of the body.

Early man was healthy because of this natural reflex pressure achieved during his daily activities; he stepped on objects that pressed into his feet while roaming over plains and through forests. This physical contact reached the tiny electrical reflexes in the feet and created a natural massage. This natural form of stimulation broke and loosened any small crystals that might have formed there in the nerve structures or blood vessels, cleared the congestion and restored the flow of blood to the relevant part of the body. The modern man rarely encounters this natural stimulation in the feet. Reflexology provides the appropriate electrical stimuli to the portion of the body to which that part of the foot corresponds; returning the body to its natural rhythm and balance. Reflexology is simple and safe for anyone to use. Its simplicity can be disarming but there can be no question of its effectiveness in restoring health and vitality to individuals of any age without the use of drugs, special equipment, medication or needles. The healing power of reflexology is Nature’s way to perfect health.

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