Food Combining

Food combining is the term used for an idea that certain foods pair well together, while others do not. The belief is that combining foods improperly can lead to negative health and digestive effect.

In this article, we would look at Food Combining to overcome Acid Reflux, improve Digestive issues and so much more.

As a Certified Health Coach who studied at the largest nutrition school in the world (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition), I have learnt how food could be your medicine.  Working with clients of all ages, we always start with digestion.  Once you can get digestion right then you can create energy to heal.  You can also reduce inflammation in the body and as such you can improve blood sugar, blood pressure, reduce pain in the body and so much more.

In our nation rich in cuisine, we believe that healthy eating means we need to fill our plates with food from all food groups – protein, starch, peas and beans, salad and fruit followed by dessert all at the same time.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You see, our bodies use different enzymes to break down different foods.  Some foods need acidic enzymes and some need alkaline.

When we fill our plates and engage enzymes of both acidic and alkaline together, we are effectively neutralizing stomach acids, hence many persons take medication for acid reflux.

In addition, many persons who suffer with acid reflux or digestive issues believe that they have too much acid in the stomach and it is actually quite the opposite.  They do not have enough stomach acid which is why digestion is so difficult.

As we get older, digestion seems to be on everyone’s mind

Here are Seven (7) Tips to ensure that you digest your food the way the body was meant to:-

  1. Do not drink and eat at the same time – if you do, you are diluting stomach acid and making digestion very difficult. (Drink a glass of water ½ hour before your meal and then wait to drink water 1 hour after your meal).
  2. Create your own stomach acid to improve digestion. (Grate ½ teaspoon of ginger and add a sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt to it and have this just before your meal or when you get acid reflux. The Hydrochloric Acid in Himalayan Pink salt mixed with the ginger creates the right environment for digestion as it improves stomach acid).
  3. Do not overeat – You do not leave enough room for digestion to effectively take place.
  4. Do not eat between meals – When you are constantly eating, the body has to leave the digestion process of the meal you just ate and attend to the new meal at hand. This causes gas, bloating and indigestion.
  5. Chew slowly – Digestion begins in the mouth when saliva is mixed with food. Chewing slowing improves the digestion process.
  6. Food Combine – See chart (Never put protein and starches in the same meal, always eat fruit on an empty stomach and never eat fruit after a meal).
  7. Give thanks for your meal – Gratitude is the foundation for healing.

Food Combining Simplified

  • Eat Animal Protein with low starch vegetables
  • Eat Peas and Beans with low starch vegetables
  • Eat Quinoa with low starch vegetables
  • Eat Hi Starch vegetables with low starch vegetables
  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach in the morning and never after a meal

When foods are eaten together that are NOT properly combined, the result is bloating, gas and indigestion.  This causes the body to crave sugars as a means of a quick source of energy as the poorly combined meal offered no nourishment to the body. This can eventually lead to malnutrition and low lying systemic inflammation and all the conditions associated with it.


Tracy Lee Son

Certified Health Coach

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