Attractive Discounts

Over four hundred merchants offer special discounts and savings to TTARP members. Discounts are provided in Banking, Insurance and Medical Services, Pharmacies, Dental and Optical care, Travel, Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Automotive Products and Services and many more.

Subscription to TTARP’s O50 Quarterly Magazine

The O50Q magazine is mailed out to every financial member of TTARP at no cost three times per year. It contains articles on Health, Hobbies, Sports, TTARP Events, Finance, Entertainment, TTARP members, among other interesting and relevant topics.

Social Activities

Friendship gatherings, dinners, outdoor activities, tours, meetings, seminars, and other functions are arranged monthly to enable our members to remain active as well as to meet and to socialize with other TTARP members.

HealthNet 50+ Medical Card

HealthNet Caribbean Ltd offers to TTARP Members, the 50+ Medical Card which provides an Annual Medical Checkup designed to screen for diseases of the heart, kidney, liver, diabetes, blood disorders, cancers, inflammatory diseases, and dental. Further tests can also be done at discounted rates of 10-20%. Subsequent visits to the Doctor will only cost $150.

Active Lobbying Body

Our Executive Team includes a National Issues Committee which makes representation to the Government on behalf of senior citizens on issues pertaining to health, security, financial (income, taxes), education, social and other matters.

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