Below is the list of Contact Info for the various Zones.


ARIMA “Eastern Angels”

Meeting Place Arima Tennis Club – Railway Road, Arima
Meeting Date and Time Every Friday (except Public Holidays) from 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm
Chairman Carol BAIN, 754-0077/360-6954,
1st Vice Chairman Mary BELCON, 638-5108,
2nd Vice Chairman Peter NOCK, 718-9571,
Treasurer Louis CARABALLO, 686-1354,
Secretary Keiva ALEXIS, 395-7851,
PRO Esther KNIGHTS, 783-8646,
Colour T-shirt LIME GREEN


Meeting Place No Venue
Meeting Date and Time 4th Tuesday of each month @ 5:00 pm
Chairman Jemma CARRINGTON, 385-8951,
Vice Chairman Joseph Stanley JOB, 770-5029
Secretary Linda RICHARDSON, 626-0009,
Treasurer Jennilyn HAMBLYN-RAPHAEL, 716-0169,
PRO Joshua PHILLIPS, 707-5228,
Colour T-shirt GOLD

CHAGUANAS “Central Pride”

Meeting Place Chaguanas Community Centre – Chaguanas
Meeting Date and Time 2nd Thursday of each month @ 10:00 am.
Chairman Faith CALLISTE, 386-8623/481-3762,
PRO Yvonne KNIGHTS, 687-1062 / 219-2171,
Treasurer Portia DE SILVA-IFILL, 786-4084,
Colour T-shirt ORANGE
Diego Martin/Petit Valley/Carenage

DIEGO MARTIN “Western Pearls”

Meeting Place Diego Martin Boys RC School – Church Street, Diego Martin
Meeting Date and Time 2nd Saturday of each month @ 3-5 p.m.
Chairman Emerita SAMBRANO-CHRUCHE, 758-4601,
Asst. Secretary Aneta GEORGE, 724-5846,
Treasurer Greta FRANK, 778-7960,
Colour T-shirt BURGUNDY

FYZABAD “Evergreen”

Meeting Place Fyzabad Regional Community Complex
Meeting Date and Time 3rd Thursday of each month @ 10:00 a.m.
Chairman Monica NELSON, 394-5571 / 649-1866,
Vice Chairman Judith DE BOULAY, 736-0962 / 677-5207,
Secretary Kay FRANCIS, 742-0229 / 389-9180,
Treasurer Hermina TIMOTHY, 354-1204,
Colour T-shirt GREEN
La Brea

LA BREA "Black Gold"

Meeting Place Vessigny Community Centre – Southern Main Road, Vessigny
Meeting Date and Time 3rd Thursday of each month @ 5-7 p.m.
Chairman Dennis MARCHAN, 774-2701,
Vice Chairman
Angela CARTY-JOSEPH, 747-3927
Colour T-shirt LILAC
Princes Town/Rio Claro


Meeting Place Princes Town Senior Activity Centre, Cor. High Street & Lothians Junction, Princes Town, St Stephens Anglican Church Compound.
Meeting Date and Time 3rd Saturday of each month @ 2:00 p.m.
Chairman Ronnie ROBERTS, 375-5112 / 656-2149,
Vice Chairman Mervyn TOBIAS, 706-4564,
Annmarie PAUL-ROBERTS, 754-5361 / 656-2149,
Patricia NOEL, 779-3459,
PRO Ramchand KALIPERSAD, 359-3042,
Colour T-shirt WHITE
Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ “Cruzers”

Meeting Place Bourg Mulatresse Parish Hall, Santa Cruz
Meeting Date and Time 4th Friday of each month @ 5:00 p.m
Chairman Jacqueline AUSTIN, 396-6389,
Secretary Janice CHASE, 689-9465/729-6680,
Treasurer Raena De FOUR, 797-3384,
Colour T-shirt TURQUOISE
San Fernando

SAN FERNANDO “Purple Diamond”

Meeting Place Pleasantville Community Centre, Pleasantville, San Fernando
Meeting Date and Time 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 10:30 am
Chairman Carl RYAN, 777-8576,
Secretary Norma GEORGE-OCHOA, 330-0437,
Treasurer Maureen TAYLOR-STEPHENSON, 776-6411,
PRO Hollis CLIFTON, 462-2738,
Colour T-shirt PURPLE

TOBAGO "Corals"

Meeting Place Happy Haven School – Signal Hill, Tobago
Meeting Date and Time 2nd Saturday of each month @ 3:00 p.m.
Chairman Selby COLE, 390-0142,
Vice Chairperson Elton RICHARDSON, 754-8620,
Secretary Rawle ANDERSON, 374-8677,
Treasurer Geoffrey LEWIS, 752-8992,
Colour T-shirt BLUE/YELLOW

TOBAGO (Pembroke “Cultural Stars”)

Meeting Place Quarters #126, Cow Farm, Goldsborough, Tobago
Meeting Date and Time 2nd Monday of each month @ 4:00 p.m
Chairman Lecia ROSS, 639-3029 / 391-2228
Vice Chairman Agnes ALFRED, 635-0818 / 398-6045
Secretary Carmen CHARLES, 759-4244,
Treasurer Umilta EDWARDS, 780-4308,
Colour T-shirt ORANGE/GREEN
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