Looking forward to 2021?

Not so fast….Not so long-ago our world seemed pretty predetermined. Following a path of least resistance, we drifted between the colloquial conversations that life should not and could not (dare I be so arrogant), be a reflection of our own limiting beliefs and stunted ambitions. Ambitions driven by a lack of evidence and formulations of storytelling leaving Santa Claus wondering whether his naughty and nice list is worth the ambivalence from which it was created. Easter Bunny take note, tooth fairy stand back this is not your gig!

So, the door closes ever so slowly on 2020, it’s the kind of slow that makes watching paint dry seem akin to formula one racing. We wait watching as it closes, making sure not to hit us on the way out, tiptoeing towards the sunshine of 2021, destined to relegate 2020 to the forgotten hills of yesteryear.

The end of the year comes draped with the festivities of Christmas, designed to pour the flavor of hope and the strength of mankind into a ribbon of resolve, whose currency will not devalue at the turn of the season. That currency and a new found strength in evolving technologies should give us hope, that life with its many twists and turns, presents opportunities for growth (personal or otherwise), and this is part of the journey called life. Our response both collectively and individually speaks volumes to the human capacity of resolve and understanding.

Let’s take a moment and respect those for whom this fight ended in defeat but resulted in a win for mankind, so that we can and must dance between the raindrops, soaking in the hope that yes, the new year, albeit slightly different, will present us with gifts of hope and survival.

There is no Christmas like a Trini Christmas. Even the afternoon shine of the sun has a different kind of reverence. I cannot describe it. Stuck in traffic at this time somehow does not bring the same level of anxiety, as you can picture each vehicle moving slowly along to the sound of Daisy Voisin or Scrunter. Maybe you are thinking of the past comforts of Christmas which have now been replaced by the isolation of rules and regulation destined to fight off COVID. Or maybe the convenience of having a family outing to the shopping mall curtailed.

In the land of soca and sun, do not let the inconvenience of regulation stop the party in your veins. You must Obey the Regulations, Obey the Restrictions because they will save the lives of you and your loved ones, but let that Spirit of the season burn deep within the recesses of your own consciousness. That Spirit is what will carry you through this season and the next.

Let’s take a trip back. The vibrations of Daisy Voisin having been immortalized through her music which spreads a timeless message of hope, love, peace, tolerance and solidarity. Parang shapes the corridors of hope and festive engagement.  If you are feeling a bit lonely and isolated this season, crank up to high bass your favorite songs and dance with wild abandon, regardless of who may be looking or laughing, and create your own Christmas experience.

Feeling the humbug hangover?  Maybe it’s time to renew old acquaintances. Pull out the book of numbers and make that connection. Perhaps there was an old flame or a secret crush (yes you know who you are). Ever wondered what it was like to have a crush before all this social media hype. You sit back and formulate physical attributes from mental recollections and match them to memory. Ahh the good old days. Now it’s all about filter this and filter that. Well my readers tis the season to dance and make merry. If it’s one thing this year has taught us, never let an opportunity pass you by, love might be just a call away, no matter your age!

Creation is the child of crisis, and the crucible from which we drink, will ensure that no matter the problem, there will be a solution. At the time of writing we have not one possible vaccine, but six (6)! In under one year. If that is not a Christmas present worth noting nothing is.

So, exercise the mind and innovate your experience to lasting memories. Create the fruit cake of your year, and savor every taste, every flavor so the mental orgasm will override any feelings of sadness or loneliness. Find time for passion and compassion, and replace retail therapy for which this season is known, with sharing knowledge and experiences that will carry us through.

It been a tough year, mentally exhausting wondering if this isolation will ever end. But guess what? As in the Cover Photo of this Magazine, the grass has never looked greener and the sky is so blue. So, yes, we did have climate change this year and for once it was positive (maybe small), but our planet got to breathe again. We were forced to do like Richard “Nappy” Mayers and “Bring back the Ole Time Days” and what better time to do that than at Christmas.

So, dear TTARP Members, as we close the door on 2020, we look forward to hanging up our masks and opening a door to a brighter and hopeful 2021.

Stay Safe.


By Dr Sanjay Pooran
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