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She’s moving her mind…she’s moving her feet….the music is her guide. She’s working and sculpting her body…letting the international rhythms take her to a new
place—a place she’s never been before. She’s letting go and having fun…


She’s 70 years old–joining the experience…ZUMBA®! You may have never thought of exercise as a fun or exhilarating experience…and yet you will after trying a ZUMBA® class! So, what is ZUMBA® you ask? The ZUMBA® program fuses hypnotic Latin and international rhythms to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program for people of all ages. Gone are the days of boring, uneventful, and tedious workouts! ZUMBA® eliminates all of that by providing an invigorating workout that leaves participants wanting more. Certified ZUMBA Instructor, Sharon Diaz comments, “ZUMBA® is addicting! Clients leave my class mesmerized by the music, singing it in their heads until they can join in on the fun one more time.”

The true beauty of ZUMBA® is that it’s for everyone. Diaz explains, “We have a diverse mix of people who come to join the party. In our ZUMBA® class, the ages range from 18-86. Yes! We have more than one client in their 80’s who are absolutely fantastic! Everyone has the ability to do ZUMBA® at their own pace, creating their own’style’.”

“We even enjoy generations of families who attend our classes; mothers, daughters and granddaughters!”

ZUMBA® is great for losing weight, increasing energy, and toning the body. It is also good for the heart and ZUMBAmind—increasing the participant’s cardio capacity, coordination, mood, focus, and overall sense of happiness. There are no precautions to take unless you have a particular type of injury or condition that would require you to advise your doctor. Diaz states, “I would recommend anyone looking to start ZUMBA® invest in a good pair of cross trainer or dance sneakersto ensure smooth, free movements.”

Active older adults want and need camaraderie, excitement, and fitness as a regular part of their weekly schedule. ZUMBA is the answer. Diaz comments, “When one is ready for something different that is always evolving and most important—fun—they are ready to join the party! Come enjoy the classes and feel a part of our family…or “The Crew” as we call them!”

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Ditch the workout and join the lime!

Compliments of:

Certified Personal Trainer & Licensed ZUMBA,
ZUMBA Toning & Zumbatomic Instructor, Sharon Diaz

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